Der Graf Zeppelin
Graf-Zeppelin-Haus von oben

35th Anniversary of Graf-Zeppelin-Haus

A hard-fought beginning

There were passionate discussions during the pre-planning phase. Right from the start the GZH had to fulfil many expectations that had originally been incompatible - identification landmark for the citizens, community centre, cultural temple, and conference centre. And yet, the project succeeded with flying colours. With courage, innovative spirit, know-how and the intuition for a terrific idea: the moving house. What else could better suit a a city that was globally known for its mobility technologies? The architects Breuning/Breuning/Betz from Stuttgart won the architectural competition back then. The building was way ahead of the times in many ways and complements the Zeppelin city perfectly. Even back in 1985 the decision was made to use a heating plant with a geothermal probe, which was a pioneering move in this field. But the shape of the building has also been a lucky strike. The exterior of the the building was sensitively integrated with the landscape of the shore, almost as if it had been shaped by the stretch of water, and therefore did not really change the city's silhouette. If you enter the building, however, a spectacular and magnificent view over Lake Constance is revealed. Wonderful rooms designed in great detail; highly flexible, elegant and spacious - no wonder the citizens of Friedrichshafen talk about their  »drawing room« when talking about the Graf-Zeppelin-Haus. It is therefore of no surprise that the Graf-Zeppelin-Haus has been declared a historic monument, one of the few buildings from the 1980s to achieve this.