Hugo-Eckener-Saal total
Foyer Hugo-Eckener-Saal
Hugo-Eckener-Saal Detail
Hugo-Eckener-Saal von der Seite
Hugo-Eckener-Saal Schild
Hugo-Eckener-Saal von der Seite
Hugo-Eckener-Saal Treppenaufgang
Hugo-Eckener-Saal Schild Empore
Konzert im Hugo-Eckener-Saal

Large, spectacular and extremely flexible


Almost nothing is impossible in Hugo-Eckener-Hall (HES), thanks to its extremely flexible expandable space. It is therefore suitable for events of the most diverse sizes and types. In combination with Theodor-Kober-Hall, (TKS) an overall floor space of 1,210 m² can be achieved.

Special feature: The hall levels can also be vertically adapted, if need be; for theatre performances, operas, concerts, conferences, and political assemblies, as well as for the really large celebrations.

Size: 860 m²
Size with hall expansion in combination with Theodor-Kober-Hall: 1,210 m²