Bodenseelandschaft von oben
See- und Bergpanorama

Three million people linked by Lake Constance

The four-country region

Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein surround Lake Constance. In this richly blessed region in which four countries merge, people are contented and happy, and understandably so. It is a location with a good economy, innovative enterprises, a strong commitment to research and education, rich cultural offerings, and priceless scenery - all of which guarantees a unique quality of life. This has not escaped our visitors' notice. The number of overnight stays around Lake Constance is ever increasing.

The many advantages of this region can now be digitally explored under one roof. The creation of the association "Verband Vierländerregion Bodensee" marks many years of transnational cooperation between Interreg, the EU funding programme, "Internationale Bodenseekonferenz" and other networks. ›››